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Hi, My name is Sam if you haven’t already guessed that.

This blog has three core purposes:

  • to help developers get or advance in their software job by sharing technical knowledge
  • to help developers enjoy their job more (usually through reducing stress)
  • to help me learn and formulate my ideas


My first introduction to programming was not a pleasant one. It was my final year in high school, and we were assigned a project to build a game. Many of my peers already knew how to program; One individual had been building some pretty cool looking Flash games (this was in the 00s). I had the joy of building Pong, only it turned out not to be very joyous. The teacher did his best to help, but I had zero knowledge in coding so I felt like a burden. At the end of the project, I wanted nothing to do with coding and computers - I pursued a degree in management instead.

I now work as a Tech Lead, writing software every day. I also help other team members with software related tasks. I have been writing software professionally for many years now and enjoy it immensely. Knowing that I have an ‘in demand’ set of skills is very comforting. It’s also very enjoyable solving hard problems, and even more enjoyable hearing positive feedback from users.

I believe that it is possible to learn to love software, no matter where or when you’ve started - like I’ve experienced. With some discipline and focused study (university, Bootcamp or online courses), it is more than possible to acquire the skills to be a professional software developer.

Getting into software professionally is just the first step, however - the day job of a developer can also be quite stressful or challenging in an unconstructive way. I believe this stress can be significantly mitigated with the right tools and practices.

I will do my best to help you develop or increase your love for software through sharing what I’ve learned about effective tools and practices required for a professional software developer - I hope you’d join me.

Happy coding Sam